Raps millenniums
Ain’t no use telling them my plans for the rebellion
The music got me innovator, power no generator
It’s the same me just a couple new developments

They selling us our dreams
And we couldn’t buy them back if they were selling them for free
I speak for the disease and the misunderstood
I left the burg for a minute but it’s still all good

I push the Beamer and the Benz about to cop the Bentley
Fuck your feelings and your friends you will not correct me
I do this shit correctly, leave a murder scene messy
Dancing with two… Screaming fucking Elvis Presley
What do you do when you want to get high
So you call up your connect
Your connect tell you he’s dry
It’s time to quarantine…
Now your pleasant dreams start to morph into a horror scene
I take morphine and drink chlorine
Hit the zoo see the lion cage and have an orgy

Drink wd40 tell a bunch of stories about to make-believe glory

It’s that back ally bum fight
Make sure you sitting up right
Aristocratic pussy ring her bell then she c** twice
I never read the horoscopes
I go to see the oracle
For fortunes, I ignore her though
Just a couple words from my mortal soul
Time travel, trying to get back
But the portal closed
Altering game bitch I’m durable
Mister, drifter everything is portable
I’m playing Dominos with the… Folk
Lose a hundred dollars quickly
Guess that’s all she wrote
And everybody got their pot of gold
Even if it’s just a loose fifty in the laundry mode
Start to understand, we are not alone
Try to figure out the difference between frogs and toads
Shit gets real then you got to go
It’s a rocky road when you walking home

Yea, You walking home
I’m walking home
Just a couple thoughts as I’m walking home
Looking at my feet as I’m walking home
Looking at the street as I’m walking home
Thinking of my dreams as I’m walking home
Be safe when you walking home
When you walking home
I’m walking home

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