Limp Bizkit – Them Girls Lyrics

Limp Bizkit – Them Girls Lyrics

Ahh, yo.. yo, why-yo yo
Yo yo, why-yo yo, yo

Seen this girl on the block by the boondock
On the spot she was down for the boot knock
Drop top, she was rockin the 2Pac
Said, "Yo D, not me, whatchu got?"
D said, "She's a vivrant thang..
vivrant thang, vivrant thang"

[Fred Durst]
Seen a girl so crystal clean, I mean
Since I been on the scene I dream of girls
in tube tops, pools on rooftops
Now this girl, who cruises to Tupac
Get this girl in my bathtub, give her a backrub
My bathroom's like a nightclub
A few ladies in my den, fondlin
A few ladies in the den, so bring some Jello in
And a mighty fine fellow in like myself
to organize the panties on the shelf

[Chorus: Fred Durst + Run]
Them girls, them girls, them girls I do adore
I like 'em sweet or fine, a genuine divine
All kinds I love 'em all
Them girls, them girls, them girls around the way
A like a lemon to a lime, the women so fine
Sometimes they make me say

Had a fly girl cold called her honey
Went in spent up all my money
Fred went to bed with a girl from college (what?)
D told me she was lookin for dollars (dollar)
I be the MC that don't get played (played)
Girls come check in but the don't get paid (paid)
They might get naked but they don't get laid (laid)
Been schoolin these girls since I made first grade

[Fred Durst]
Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh
I like the small girls, I like the tall girls
I like all the girls, bustin dirty call girls
So Run let's bring them girls in
and their girlfriends, but don't let the squirrels in
As for their boyfriends, they'll find joy when
their girlfriends come home and bring Limp Bizkit toys in
I like to rate shit when I'm in the snakepit
but no silicon cause I don't like the fake shit


[Fred] Them girls (16X)
Yo yo
Girls delight line, girls galore (ore)
Girls I never even seen before (ore)
The way they swayed and make me smile (smile)
But Run get the dimes on the top of the pile (pile)

Girls are freakin, things are good
The girls can fill up my neighborhood
But don't take my sunshine, I'll be okay
As long as them girlies, are here to stay



[Fred] Them girls [Repeat: x 16]

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