When the oldest young fool, broke one into two,
And started to unglue, as he watched it come true
I was dreaming of home, and the faces I knew,
So I went back to the 'Pool, with someone I knew
It's hard to take when you're out of time
And the fool who'll taste water in the finest wine
And your feet won't stop, on the path you'll take
There's nothing you can do
And the devil just smiles, you were gone for a while
But now I've come to take you home, your chances are blown

Simple and pure, was the girl that I saw
A taste of heaven on her tongue, and her eyes said go on
But it's hard to take if it's just the start of a broken heart
That fools you to that stupid place where you sit and wait
'Til you fall apart, and lie there feeling blue
So the oldest young fool broke one into two,
And now we'll either break or bend, I know in the end
It was wonderful, oh I love those eyes
But I make them cry, and it feels like it's impossible
But we're out of time, and it crossed my mind
And left me feeling blue

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