Stay awake after 3AM
I miss the buzz that kept us floating
It’s not the same without you knowing
What a fix you ruined

Sunrise, eyes wide
I want to sing but I’m done trying
Never slipping, just paralyzed
Wanna fix me too?

It was something that I couldn’t chase
Never the star and I hated the race
Hated the race

You colour signs that
Connect with signs that
Got you running in circles when you got to choose

You made your mind up
So where do I end up?
You make it easy with your hands so loose

So you talk with the same ideas
And you walk wearing armoured shields
It’s unravelling any magic made

Sun sets it’s 100 degrees
And this world has fallen to its knees
Crawling with disease
Rip it all back
To outlive the past

I worry I am not alone
I fear you’ve folded in my mold
Stripping down your gold
There’s nothing more sad
If you don’t want to last

To turn back time
I wonder what happened to our minds
Replaying what’s behind
Made us all scared
When nothing was there

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