Hey, hey, hey, there will come a day
When I gotta take the van alone to the other side
Deep into the sun I will roll
So you gonna have to hold it down, my dear son
How and where and when, who can say
Just take some time to cry and then get back on track
You are on a road to a better day
Don't be a minotaur, trapped in a maze
Let's go!

And hey, if you work it out
You can build a time machine, drop in to say hello
I'll be waiting on the side of the sun, oh yeah
We'll crank the stereo, we'll take a tour around
While we're out on the town, we can travel back
See all the dinosaurs, maybe jump up on one
Piggyback the dragon lord, abuba
Before the clock kicks in, in the glow of the first sunrise
Let's go!

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