(begin spoken dialogue)
Lightnin: I'm wonderin if my folks are gonna be there when I make it there.
I'm just wonderin if they in the same ole spot.
Friend: I don't know Lightnin, but as bad as you playin that guitar now,
they got to be there. But you playin it pretty lonesome there though.
Some might be in Heavan, I can't never tell.
Lightnin: No, you know I'm just gettin back. I been in State Prison.
Friend: How was it down there?
Lightnin: It was hard on me. And it was a shame on everybody else.
Friend: Yes, now you can hear, about how they would ring them big bells.
Lightnin: Yeah.
Friend: And every mornin about the break of day,
you can hear how, how, howlin goin on everyday.
Lightnin: Well, I got over it so I'm glad. But mama's what I'm thinkin about.
I wonder if she's in the same old spot?
Friend: Yes, I'm quite sure she's there, but I know she's got a worried mind.
Cause she's got to be worried over her child.
(end spoken dialogue)
Mmmmmmmmmm, the blues come down on me.
Friend: Lord, have mercy, child.
Po' Lightnin can't hardly keep from cryin.
Friend: Yes, the blues'll make you cry, I know how you feel.
Whoo, Lord have mercy,
Po' Lightnin can't hardly keep from cryin.
Well, I'm just wonderin will I ever make it back,
To that old native home of mine?
Friend: Please, take me with ya when you go, Lightnin. Lord Have mercy.

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