I want all you young people to know what to do
Leave my grandpa alone 'cause he done got old too
That's my grandpa, that's my grandpa
That's my grandpa, sweetest man I ever saw
Mama told me, oh, day of old
Your grandpa stood by, tell this is told
Now don't bother my grandpa 'cause he done got old too
I ain't jivin', I ain't jokin'
Ain't gonna never bother you
My grandpa he shouts for joy
Been takin' care of me ever since I was a boy
He getting old now
And he really is
Really I know it 'cause I'm old myself
My grandpa says son, take me a walkin'
Say I wanna go where's the coolest place you know
I say why, grandpa?
'Cause grandpa's getting old
Tell all you people, done want you to understand
Grandpa once have been a young man
He getting old now
He's getting to be an old man
He can't remember 'morrow, but he still understands
He look at me and he say, what's this all about?
Give me my pipe son, and he had it in his mouth
He's an old man, you know he don't got the mind,
You see he don't hardly know what he's doing
But he's still my grandpa
But he ain't nothin' else to turn
Tell all you young people, I don't mean no harm
I just want you to leave my grandpa alone
He says I've got old now, have pity on me
If you bother my grandpa,
I'm the one you gotta see
My dear old dad.

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