Whoa, Miss Loretta
Where did you get all these good looking women from?
Well, well, Miss Loretta, Lord, will you please tell me, baby
Where did you get all these good looking women from?

She said they come in here unexpected
You know they was blowed in here by a storm

I said, "Sugar mama, sugar mama
Will you please come back to me?
Sugar mama, sugar mama
Won't you please, ma'am, come back to me?

Yes, I say bring me my granulated sugar
Oh Lord, and ease my misery
Yes, Miss Loretta, here's something I got to tell you
I want you to do long as you live
I want you to keep these women 'round here with you

I said miss, please ma'am, Miss Loretta
Keep these womens here with you
'Cause I might be a sugar maker
I may make it just as sweet as sugar can be

Yeah, you know I went to church last night
I didn't get there on time
They called on me to pray
And I had praying on my mind

Thinking about Miss Loretta and the women
Yes, man, they was on my mind
Yes, I thought about how nice Miss Loretta was
And how the women treated me so nice and kind

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