Hey D.J. Just play that song.
Keep me dancin all night long (4x)

Now what you hear is not a test
It's from ol school ta new school comin'
back wit a twist, it's the lighter shade
bringing back the funky rhythm,
time ta shom em what I give em show 'em
How I use ta live 'em, back in the days
Before Hip Hop departed no more dicso fever
John Travolta finished what he started
walkin down the street wit ya ghetto blaster
bumpin and thumpin break beat always erge
to rap somethin, now a days you got a new
type of flavor a certain rap behavior Lighter
Shade returns the favor, I'm giving props to
All DJ's that play the ol funk ya know how
We play and as the MC let the freestyle
Funk flow,every once in a while they make
The crowd scream HO jumpin around
Wasn't the thing they did steady boppin
Their head while the girls had said


Can I get a dang dang a ringa
dang digga digga digga dang a ringa
dang digga digga as I swing to the
Ol school, funk 94 bump pop it in yo trunk
and lay back and relax for a while as I kick

It to this smooth dope style and commence
Ta get ya in the mood move to tha groove
cause ya now your gonna do it, a checka
checka check it out step right up and see
what the Shade is all about who the flava
I'm the flava abd I came here just to save
ya wit a bit of the same ol that cha heard
Now can I get a word as I'm goin
Gone hey DJ come on and play
me that funky song


Now I remember around the way back back
In the day I use to know
A DJ who could mix it wicked it pick it up
pick it up like check one two, only now
There's just more than a few rappers MC's
Who boost and they brag a bag full of hits
But the Shade will never lag as I rip it
I wreck it so check it yo D Bus A fat rhyme
for the record, hippity hop what it loco
peep the game to the PG and the vocals
As I reminisce over this and that yo oh
Where we gonna take em way
back like I said
Before and I'll say it again it's the ol
School versatile flex when we band eel
skill that we got cha know we got mad
Props so play me that funky song


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