-“Where is it? Where is it, Candy? Candy?”
-“He ate it.”
-“Yes. I don’t believe you.”
-“Look For Yourself… Pop Ate My Heart.”
-“I see.”
-“He downed the whole thing… in one efficient gulp… like a beautiful monster… then took off into the city.”
-“Oh, Candy”
-“And now I just feel… I feel so…”
-” Noo… No…”
-“Free… I feel free”
Huhh… (x13)
I need mmmmore… To Feed My Pop Heart
Give Me More
I Want
The Future, Gaga, Fashion, Digital Technology, Dance, New York, Music, Pop Culture
I Want… The Fame
I Can Hear You
Can You Hear Me?
Revolution Is Coming
And I Want… What We Want
You Deserve… The Future

My Name Is Lady Gaga
And This Is My House!

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