[Intro] That’s that Cudi beat, you know what I’m sayin’?
Y’all, I’m just waiting for God

[Chorus] I’ma wait for God
I’ma wait for God
Been too long away from God
I’ll wait for God

[Bridge] Like water be the path, go take the path of least resistance
Don’t force nothin’, it’s the way
Power versus force
I’ma wait for God
Been too long away from God
I’ll wait for God, we’ll wait

[Verse 1] Yo, know I’m sayin’?
People try to rush things
Or manipulate, or strategize, or think they’re gon’ set up plays
Man makes plans, God laughs
He got good ass sense of humor, know what I’m sayin’?
I was just livin’ my life
Spent all of my tour money on this, big mansion ‘n’ shit
Biggest house in Hidden Hills
He funny though
He gon’ move the number one rapper four blocks down the street from me
You funny, God

[Chorus] Mm, I’ma wait for God
Been too long away from God
Been too long away from God
Ooh, I will wait for God

[Verse 2] Wait, wait, wait wait wait
Only with his blessings, only
In his time and God willing
Shall it happen
Ya know, people go through pain ‘n’ shit
You need some time to just walk it off, it’s like a sprained ankle
You can’t get right to it, know what I’m sayin’?
It’s like a basketball game, pain
The way we feel about things, mm, mm, mm
If someone say
We-we say, we hoopin’ and stuff, you sprain your ankle
The whole team, can’t come to it and say, “I’m sorry,” and it’s just gonna feel better
Or you can’t scream at it and it’s just gon’ feel better
You’ve gotta take time for that to heal
And maybe you need to stay of off it a little bit
Stay off the subject
Heh huh

[Chorus] I’ma wait for God
Eh-na, when it happen
Oh, I’ma wait for God

[Verse 3] It’s so funny
I was goin’ to Denny’s the other day
Lenny’s, Denny’s
And, I was, ya know, in Westwood
And I seen
A-A tall, light-skinned dude with a beard and shit
I said, “That look like Drake, right there”
But he was like on a skateboard
I said, “I know that ain’t gon’ be Drake on a skateboard”
Heheheheh, heh
I was like, “Man, I’ma go talk to him, right now!”
So I-I pulled to turn the car around
It’s- I swear he looked just like-
He definitely brought beards for light-skinned niggas back in style and shit, like, hehehe
I said on my first album, I’ma make sure light-skinned niggas never come back in style, heheheh

[Chorus] Oh, I’ma wait for God
Oh, I’ma wait for God
Oh, I’ma wait for God

[Outro] Spent too long a summer away from God, though I
I might [?] off, off into the light, oh
I don’t [?] never, never a job though
I could not create for what, the Stylo
Bored a lot
And I put that on Chicago
Yeah, I put that on Chicago
I put that on Chicago
North, Saint, and Chicago

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