Last night I heard
A ruckus down the road
No time to lose and so away I go
I saw the lights
At the junction…
Pulled in my wheel
And checked the show
(Turn me round)
(They’re) Dancin’ round, round, round
(Turn me round)
Square dancin’ round, round, round
And down and round
(Turn me round)
They’re dancin’ round, round, round
(Turn me, turn me, turn me)
They’re dancin’ round
(Turn me, turn me, turn me)

I couldn’t believe it
So I circled back and then
Cooled up my engine
And I walked right in
Allemande left and rip it on up
And circle back and go
It was a square dance
Like a rockin’ rodeo
Wait up, little boy!
Take it home, partner
Tears it on up and do-se-do
Don’t you let go
Just reel and reel and reel
And rock it all over and back
Now circle left, then circle right…on back
Take it from the top
And tear it on up
And never let her go
Just dance a little longer
I danced and partied
Till my feet went through the floor
I swung my partner
Till I couldn’t stand no more
Allemande left and circle back
Circle round and then
We rocked and rolled around
And did it again

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