Uh, yeah, uh
I ain't write this down, I ain't write this down
Oh no, no
I ain't write this down. no
And you always find, uh

And you always find, and you always find something wrong
And I been blaming it on myself for way too long
I'm so gifted at finding who does the most
So I think it's time for me to do the most
Let's have a toast to the throwbacks
Yeah the times we'll never get back
Let's have a toast to them texts messages
Yeah the ones that I deleted
And you know that I would come back
Girl just give me the reason
I know you said that you want me
Well fuck that shit yeah I need it
And I'm xannin', I'm xannin', I'm xannin', I'm xannin'
Barely keepin' my feet planted, planted, planted, planted
I'm off of this planet, this planet, this planet, this planet
I know you can't stand it, stand it, stand it, stand it
You left me 'cause I do drugs
Now that you left I do more
They say life is a fucking game
Well if that's the case then you got the high score
And I been balling on my old hoes
Don't believe me baby you can check the scoreboard
And I'ma flip that script quick
I'mma flip the mother fucker like parkour, ay ay ay
And I'm zoning, I'm zoning, I'm zoning, I'm zoning
Yeah, I keep on rollin' and rollin' and rollin' and rollin'
My mind keep on strolling, and strolling, and strolling, and strolling
It's all you, [?]
Had to hop in the studio
Just to tell you how I fuckin' feel
Take a trip with me back home
You see bottles full of fucking pills
I been poppin' em to keep still
I been smoking all the pain away
I got an emotional umbrella, cause I'mma keep all the rain away
Yeah, and I love poppin' molly, I love poppin' molly
I'm in love with the molly, can't nobody stop me
I feel like Dej Loaf, cause ain't nobody gon try me
And I'm checking these bitches, they calling me Nike
But back to me and you though
Are you saying kudos
Are you saying goodbye
Are you saying hello
Do we need to hold hands
Do I need to let it go
I'mma hit the train on her
And I ain't talking nitro
I'm back on my old shit
Hit the same shit before you came
And they calling me the young Prince
So when I blow smoke it's Purple Rain
Now what the fuck these niggas run from me
Cause I'm finna get all dummy
You told me that I could run the world
So what I'mma do, I'mma keep running
And we're strolling, and strolling, and strolling, and strolling
Mama I'm rollin', it's rollin', it's rollin', it's rollin'
And I keep on zonin', and zonin', and zonin', and zonin'
My mind's on you, you already know it, you know it, you know it, you know it
I know you see the fucking struggle
I know you see my fucking hustle
I been flexing on your exes too
Girl you know you love my fucking muscles
And I'm trying to reach the fucking top
Trying to get on another level
I'm just trying to get a white rings
Full of diamonds and a fucking bezel
And you know that I'm seeing shit
And I keep on seeing it
Me and you is what I'm dreaming of
That's that mission completed shit
And you know that I'm too high
Yeah my vision is blurry
Ever since you left me
Yeah, ever since you left me
Yeah you know I keep tweaking
I been reaching new highs
I been smokin' and leanin'
I been reachin' new highs
And I been coolin' with the wrong crowd
Quote on quote coolin' with the cool guys
And you been on my ass now
Shit, I don't even know why
Is this hello
Is this goodbye
Are you trying to play me
If so nice try
And if you didn't know, baby girl I'm too high
Is this hello, is this goodbye
Is this goodbye

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