99 REASONS by Jo Beth Taylor
99, 99 (99)
Oooo.. 99 (99)

Send me roses with a kiss
You could've given me a diamond ring
Or the money and the cars
Believe me honey, they don't mean a thing
No doubt about it
I gotta know
The only thing I really need
Is a word
I haven't heard
When you say that to me

I could give you 99 reasons why I'll never let you go
And 99 reasons to believe in why I need you so
99 reasons, oh – 99 reasons
Give me one, only one, 'cause I need to know

Come on baby, when we're closer than a kiss
I see forever in your eyes
I can read your mind, but not your lips
I want to hear it
Say it out loud
Fun and talk is not enough
If you want me
Show me now
'Cause baby I'm, not asking much


Say it like you mean it
Eye to eye
Can't you see both of us need it
Why be so….

99 (99) 99
Oh oh oh…
Never let you go


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