We are the locusts
And it’s time for the plague
The Chick tracts and gun nuts
Warned you was here

Profiled as bad seeds
Since before we could read
Monkey wrenching world orders
Is how we party

Red alert, orange alert
Every flavor of Fruit loops alert
Your precious way of life
Is under attack from inside

We won’t buy and we’ll try
To rot your house of cards
From the inside out

Sacred Corporate logos
Are the new swastikas
To the proud to be
Patriotically incorrect hordes

Deep fried society
Has gone to the wolves
While we eat away
From inside the bones

Gnaw Gnaw Nibble Nibble
Chew Devour Scrape Deflower
They know who we are
So why not just get worse?

We won’t buy and we’ll try
To torch all you hold dear
From the inside out

We’ve come for your children
We’ve come for your friends
To save them from becoming
Respectable citizens

A prank a day
Keeps the dogleash away
Join the new Boston Tea Party

You can’t have us, You can’t have us
You can’t have our money
You can’t have our time
You can’t have our souls
You can’t have our lives

Termites are loose in the house of cards
Rise! RISE!
All hail the Magic Plague

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