Faithful is a lie
Freedom’s just a game
Somebody tacked onto
Your ball and chain
Love is a drug
You’ve been canonized
Want to be a high priestess?
Then you got to sacrifice
Somebody wants you
To put out your eyes
And drag you lower
On the ladder than he is
Reel you in slowly
Kingfish on a line
Some people get a kick
Out of making you suffer
You try the patience of the gods
In the heat of a moment’s pleasure
And your sad retreat
Mistake the moment for the song
The actor for the role
The neon light for day
Somebody wants you
To clip your wings
Take shelter in the dark
And the savage heat
Mocks you with the burning sky
And drops you in the ring
Somebody gets a kick
Out of seeing you suffer
He can’t take pleasure
He feeds on pain
He ain’t no gambler
He just likes to play the game
It’s a measure of a man
It’s a candle in the rain
To treasure the link
And not the chain

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