And when the war was over
I went dancing in the streets
With the corpse of my dead brother
To the sacrificial beat
The Boy Scouts and the Legionnaires
Come home from overseas
Singing Glory Hallelujah!
To the swank Gestapo beat
I've never been
In the whole of my life
An intelligent sacrifice
Give me a reason
To go on believing
And I'm ready
To pay the price
I heard of a plan
In the president's mansion
(high up in the sky)
It called for a sacrifice
And my brother paid the price
Sent him home in a bag,
Tha American flag
Was draped around the box
The coffin lid was locked
The note said Thanks a lot
Some and dance with me
I'm home from overseas
I'm a corpse up to my knees
Celebrate the victory
Do you want to dance
And hold me tight?
I'm feeling most diseased
But I'm easier to please
Come and dance

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