We stood there, unable, trying to keep warm
To make the next town
Oklahoma, I will roam any direction from someone
Too old to remember why he’s seen us that way

Singing rock of ages when will you fall
Turn the pages of history recalls
In the mountain, you revere
Are too old to remember why they put us here

Sing the hymns that when we were young
Our battles tunes always sung
Like Jesus loves me, I hold him, dear
But I don’t think He’s too old to know why we’re here

Grandma Moses drew like a child
All the changes of a country wild
And her friends told her to sell what you do
But she’s getting older to even remember was it true

Rock of ages
When will you crumble down to the sandy shore
Is this all that we’re meant to do
Just get older ’til we don’t know why we’re here anymore

And when you’ve already been
Round the world that you want to do it again
Rock of ages, you’re getting old

Old man Moses climbed the rock
To get the tablets and the rules for us
But when he returned down from the Mount
All his people were in there so long they forgot what it was about

Sing rock of ages and turn the pages
And the redwoods they’re just agin’
Sing rock of ages and he loves me
But don’t get too old to still believe

Sing rock of ages sing it strong
To the wayward where others are
And to hear you and your voices ring
Lest you get too old and you forget how to sing

Rock of ages, rockin’, rollin’
Turn the pages you didn’t open
Rock of ages you’ll always be
Oh, get too old and crumblin’ down to sand into the sea

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