You’re on the run, you’re on the run again
And I’m missing you
You’re on the run, you’re having fun again
At the cost of me and you

Midnight hour and the eyes of passion
Go flashing out of your ivory tower
As you sip your wine of fashion and you
You say that you will never despair because
You don’t matter what you do you don’t care

And I, I
I, I, see my sky turn black
And my moon get dark without you
Because of you

When I’m gone you sell your time to anyone who
Can afford to foot the bill for
Yhe way you carry on
You have no fear of breakin’ hearts ’cause
You say the life that you live is just too short

And I, I
I, I get my sky painted black
And my moon painted dark just by you
And in a fit of passion
A blue light’s flashin’ for you

I can’t believe that you want to leave again
That’s the tenth time that you went
And then came back and asked me
You expect me to just be there and take back you
And tell you how much I care

But I, I
See my eyes cry as my sky turns black
And my moon gets painted by you
I have fits of passion the sky was flashin’ blue
And my sky gets black and my moon goes dark

I, I
I, I see my sky get black
And my moon go dark without you
And the sky is flashin’
In a fit of passion with you

And there’s thunder crashin’
You sip your wine of fashion and you
Get intoxicated on life and leave me here blue
And my sky gets black
And my moon goes dark because of you

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