[I = She] [Verse]

I once had a gown it was al-Most new, oh, the dain-Ti-Est
Thing, it was sweet A-Lice blue; with lit-Tle for-Get-Me-Nots
Placed here and there, when I had it on, I walked on the air,
And it wore, and it wore, and it wore, till it went and it
Was-N’t no more.


In my sweet lit-Tle A-Lice blue gown,…….
When I first wan-Dered down in to town,………
I was both proud and shy, as I felt ev’-Ry eye, but in ev’-Ry shop
I’d primp, pass-Ing by;
Then in man-Ner of fash-Ion I’d frown…………
And the world seem’d to smile all A-Round,………
Till it wilt-Ed I wore it, I’ll al-Ways A-Dore it, my sweet lit-Tle
A-Lice blue gown

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