(Verse guitar part:)
You have a little secret
That you share with someone else you said
But it was nothing or something
To talk about

It's true that we were broken up
You could do anything…and you did.
But i know a little something
Block it out of my head…

(Chorus guitar part)

(Verse guitar part:)

It seems like it's a little secret
Between you and her, that's all you said
If it was nothing than how come
It's so wrong?

A wrongful act i will not forget
My love and heart are too strong to let
You out of my life, something gross
That's me and my past… my past…

(Chorus guitar part:)
Please tell me
Please help me
Get it togheter
It really hurts me

Make me feel like…
It's all my fault
Don't go back again…
Don't go back again…

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