[Erick Sermon] Yo, I'm E-Dub the invincible
Bandit, rock house on principle
Y'know? I'm the man and Def Squad's the fam
Some say I'm that "Boy" like Killa Cam
The on-the-grind pilot's, flyin again
Usin my name you a passenger, so keep silent
E's what you're listenin to! Def Squad
The crew of 2002! Brand new year
The Funk Lord is here, the rap George Clinton
The Barry Bonds of hip-hop, I stay hittin
Ah ahh, yup my name ring bells like M. O
No gimmicks, I been this way since my demo
Never liked the limo, I ride trucks and vans
I'd ride in horseback, if I had to see my fans
Yeah – I come through, in a mackadocious whip
A brand new Benz with a mackadocious kit

[Hook 2X: Redman] I heard the party's goin on in there
Well let me shake my stankin ass in there
I heard the party's goin on in there
Well let me shake my stankin ass in there

[Erick Sermon] Uhh, uhh, I never lose momentum
I keep it jumpin 'til the cops come and get them
Best believe I breeze through like wind, comin through a window
Me and the Squad of Def, a few kinfolks
Twelve P. M. Just left the car place
Now I'm, back on the block and pumpin the Scarface
Yeah, I'm E-Dub, I'm doper than you
Spit rhymes, throw 'em at you, new truck show it at you
Stay dipped right down to my feet – yeah
My underground tore 'em down by the street
It's me, the mc, the E – D
O. U. B. L. E., age be thirty-three, uhh
I "Get Down" boy, like Craig Mack
Stampede like a elephant, I'm heaven sent
The E-R-I-C-K, S-E-R-M-O-N
There's a party goin on, tell a friend

[Hook] [Erick Sermon] It was me, Keith, Red and Khari
Actin crazy, pumpin some Jay-Z
J to the Izzo, oh no, my flow
Is unbelievable, in the game I'm a pro so
For those cats wanna set me up
And wet me up, I'm on the block, check me up
The mc Grand Royal on the microphone know what's good
There's a party goin on, buckle [?] [Hook]

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