You can't rap like me
Uhh, Sy Scott, Def Squad
Listen, ain't playin' no games man
Yeah, whattup

Give or receive and give or take, I'm an Indian giver
I take back what's given to the getter from the giver
Nigga give way, give up, you never get a glimpse
Of the glimmer man, glimmer glitter when I trek your body shiver

Rhythm I'm rippin' whatever I can get a grip of
Just to get a giggle, this literature's ishkabibble
And damn, dun-uh, dun-uh, dun-uh, the shark is in the water
Dun-uh, dun-uh, dun-uh got him right where I want him

Now I'ma get him, Scott crack leg bones like a wishbone
Snap your nose bone witcha chin bone
Break your legs and snap your shinbone
Put your skull bone, jawbone right next to your gall stones
'Til y'all all know

I got the hypothalamus of a hippopotamus
Squashin' the retardapuss when [Incomprehensible] rush
Too good to be true like fairy tales come true again
You wish you was me but woke up and you was you again

Sy Scott, you can't rap like me
You can't murder a rhyme or kill a track like me
You can't bust aim or hold a gat like me
Flow hundred percent perfect, you can't rap like me, no

This here's somethin' stupid for the eardrum
You wanna hear somethin' slick, son, here it come
You can ask Dr. Phil, I'm ill
I'ma kill you, then kill them, then 'Kill Bill'

Yeah, word to Vivica, I hemorrhage a pile
Drop the temperature, 'til the coroner start zippin' ya
B-ball player, I shoot from the perimeter
Two shot, three shot, all into ya

On mics I does my thing
Agua, I flow like Poland Spring
Not from Maine, I'm from New York, mayne
I'm the bandit, in the black Maybach in transit

300 pound nigga, hold weight, stop, hold, wait
E-Dub the great there's no mistake, yeah
The untakeable, unshakable, you uncapable
I'm Bruce Willis, I'm 'Unbreakable'

You can't replace the unplaceable
You can't face off, with the unfaceable
Even the matador can't face the bull
I'm the raging bull, you wanna shoot, pull

M E, you can't rap like me
The boy with the slow flow you can't rap like me
Bang, bang, you can't shoot a gat like me
My Squad is Def and you can't rap like Khari

I throw three like Bobby Jackson at 'em
I'm O.G. like Bobby Johnson stomp 'em
Hold G like Bumpy Jonson on 'em
Read flip and beat kids like Joe Jackson

My flow jackin', clack, clack, I'm sharp like the claws
Of Hugh Jack, hands packin', make you an 'X-man'
Time for some action and matter of fact
Go exercise or be ordained to explore pain

And explain, why you puttin' extras on
In this excess I throw a hex through your headset
Settle down 'fore I set it off on your set
Let's say Santiago is the best you heard yet

I know, my flow, oh my God, get so heated
That MC's stay away like I gotta heebie jeebies
Ask G's if I G, hit the G spot on your queen
Kings get they heart or crown ripped apart now

Yeah, you can't rap like me
You snap back, get back, smack a wack MC
Santiago, you ain't got the stats like me
To get busy and tap dance on tracks like me

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