[Erick Sermon] {I'm not him} Nope, it's E don't trip
Word to Cam'Ron, man my Set stay Dipped
We rock Nike Airs, the flyest wears, yeah
We got Flavor man {"Yeahhhhhhhh BOYEEE!"}
{I'm not him} I'm the Music Man
Who gave Marvin Gaye's wife two hundred grand
Man, ask Quincy, I'm that dude
So please don't get me confused because
{I'm not him} Boy you in trouble
Guns pack a couple, a one-man swat team
By any means, pull a Malcolm
House 'em have 'em screamin Shelton, he {"Bring the noise!"}
{I'm not him} Nope, I'm the Bandit
That Green Eyed cat, boy from way back
Who set trends, the youngest nigga in rap with a Benz
Rag-top with rims, that was me stupid!

[Chorus 2X: Erick Sermon] {I'm not him} I'm not him
(It's E-Dub, it's not who you thought he was)
(He's flyer than you thought he was)
So I'm back to reclaim my name because

[Erick Sermon] {I'm not him} I'm a 15 year vet
Type of rapper, 15 year stretch
The one who made it happen rappin
Got it crackin rappin, keep the paper stackin, yeah
{I'm not him} I'm hip-hop elite
The one who signed Redman, the one who signed Keith
The one who made the beat that locked down the corner
Hardcore, that's my persona, geah
{I'm not him} Nope, I'm the E
The other half of the group of epmd
And my track record so mean
This here underground bounce so hood, fuck mainstream
{I'm not him} You can't get with me
I rock spots and leave a tlc "Unpretty"
And now it's "Ugly," Bubba Sparxxx scene
Real dirty and grimy with the Squad behind me

[Chorus:] [Erick Sermon] {I'm not him} Nope, I'm the master
I'm the man's man, the rapper's favorite rapper
The ultimate, none get close to it
I'm Erick, I'm the one you supposed to pick
{I'm not him} I keep it gutter on tracks
"Regulate" like Doc Dre's brother
I'm Warren in rap, I drop bombs to-day
You lay like you-day and Qu-say, yeah
{I'm not him} The mc Grand Royal
On the microphone, and New York's my home
Long Island zone, where I roam
Like phones in Buffalo, geah – you know!
{I'm not him} Go 'head, talk about me
I don't care since my label dropped me
And I returned like Makaveli
In a new stretch Caddy, watchin "Belly"
I'm not him


(It's E-Dub)
(It's E-Dub, he's not who you thought he was)
{I'm not him}
(It's E-Dub)
(It's E-Dub, he's not who you thought he was)
{I'm not him}

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