f/ Olivia

Yo.. "keep bouncing".. have some fun

[O] Uh, bouncy bouncy

[Verse One] Uhh, flamin hot, game shot
Five seconds left, all net, watch
Yo, this here be a funky dope maneuver
Bring it to your gut with more Jab than Judah
(take that, take that) And make sure the beat slam to the canvas
Get a call from Vince McMahon cause I
pinned the game with a Marvin verse
Two suburbs in the hearse when the rhyme disperse
Uh, E Dub been real since a fetus
Came out with no laces, shell toe Adidas
Fame like Regis – made myself a millionaire
Got three lifelines, I'm fine, I'm
OutKast +Fresh+, my tracks be +Clean+
No confusion, stop the illusion, E's
that man there do it, I come with explosive force
Sixth time on the cover of The Source
A decade, so what can y'all tell me?
Go against the grain is seldom seen
When I walk through the crowd I can see heads turnin
I hear voices sayin, "That's Erick Sermon"

[Chorus 1: Olivia] He be the gen-i-us, E Dub
He be the one that rocks the house, so crazy (so crazy baby)
All my people out there show love (show love) "keep bouncing"
Bounce, forrrrrrrrrr me "keep bouncing"

[Chorus 2] [O] Whatcha gon' do when you get in the jam?
[E] I'm gon' have some fun
[O] What do you consider fun?
[E] Doin it for 'Pac, Big L, Tah and Pun

[Verse Two] Yo, it's too hot for the devil
I raise the heat to the maximum level
Stop drop and roll, the roof's on fire
Next time think when my name's on the flier
T-shirt and jeans, Air's the attire
Two-way pager, NexTel wire
I'm like this seven days a week
Whatever, song is made best believe it's freak
Cause I – get my freak on, uh, I get my freak on
Erick Sermon is so ill, somethin to speak on
Yo, you came in the game and blew it
Got your rap deal revoked and can't renew it, uh
You wish you was blessed like me
A child God chose to overexpose, whoa
I'm over – that's what I heard
But now I'm on your station with songs preferred
Uh, I'm top three, in thirty-five states
And now I'm eating over thirty-five plates
When I walk through the crowd I can see heads turnin
I hear voices sayin, "That's Erick Sermon"

[Chorus 1] [Chorus 2] – repeat 2X

[Olivia] Uhh, Olivia
Yeah, J Records
.. uhh, Erick Sermon baby
On the up and up, uh-ohhh!

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