Ooh, ah, ah, word is bond
Erick Sermon and Funkmaster Flex
This style come next
Ooh, my style's miraculous

Known like crack or angel dust up on the corner
I'm dirty like pneumonia
Stylistic, Erick makes the world go round
I'm devious mischievous, and if y'all believe in this

Then cool, alrighty then
Let's begin with this masquerade without George Benson's rendition
Huh, don't forget boy I'm still hittin' switches
Hittin' Nubianses with rags or re-iches

Whatever's clever, I still be the Funklord
E Double, from EPMD from NYC
My style starts more fights than hockey
I Wayne Gretzky, on any MC

Double or nothing, raise your bets
If you got it empty your pockets
Shit take the gold off your watches
Huh, I'm confidence

I will Trailblaze you and your crew to Portland
First class wearin' Walkmans
Now, who let the bones out the closet
The fans cut you off like if they were Lorena Bobbitt's boy

That's trifling, and was it deserved maybe
That's more evil than Rosemary's baby
Anybody outcast the E I'm doin him
Try my best to ruin dem and outright screwin' 'em

From Boyz II Men, turn men to boys
From child to kids for whatever dey did
You dig? You crossed the wrong bridge and it's over
It's rigged, with all types of deadly explosives

Watch out, I'm serious like Jermaine Jackson
I call red when it's time for some action
I'm coming through with the ultimate
Ultra-style-Magnetic, funkdafied shit from me Erick

Who said the E can't rock? That's bullshit
Suck my dick and get a big fat lick of my balls
You wanna brawl? Punk I thought not
You might get beat down, stomped like Sasquatch

Your girl, like Keith Sweat, I wanna
Fuck her, psych I already stuck her
Huh, I got rhymes to make your whole head swell up
Here's an icepack homeboy shut the hell up

Huh, Erick Sermon comes through
I can't be stopped, I'm like a runaway train
No half-steppin' like if I was Kane
I come through the crowd Rugged-Sluggish, to the Bone

I grab the microphone niggaz know me, whassup homey
Who wanna go through me
I fuck around and blow him and repeats what they done
I gets dumb, one two one, did your shit is done, one two

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