F/ Cha Cha

Yeah – uh, uh
Def Squad, combustion mode
610 what? Huh, yeah
New York

[Verse One] (Heyyy heyyy) It's "Time 4 Sum Aksion"
That Redman shit the E come with, what?
The rap supreme Naseem Hamed
When I hit, the jam comin straight for the head ("Watch me!")
This be the song at hand, understand
Even though I never rocked the stage on Summer Jam
I'm in the lab makin tracks 70 grand
that get heard by crazy fans like Stan (hey man)
Who like my shit, cause I come through
like a new German made, car for the paid
vs be the five-double-oh, S in front
No future in yo' frontin yo [?] pop the trunk
I'm Imp the Dimp, the ladies pimp (uh-huh)
The women fight, for my delight
Cause I'm the Green Eyed Bandit in the place to be
That, shock the house no doubt nigga please

[Chorus: Cha Cha + Erick Sermon] Y'all know we come through the club (heyyy heyyy)
Steppin like ba-boom-boom-boom-burp (heyyy heyyy)
Uhh – in rap niggaz call me the mack
Cause I pimp the track, heyyy heyyy
Y'all know we come through the club (heyyy heyyy)
Steppin like ba-boom-boom-boom-burp (heyyy heyyy)
Uhh – make sure my fam got my back
It's just like that, heyyy heyyy

[Verse Two] I float like Muhammad, I'm the bomb shit
Rappin grenades explode when the track is laid, uh
Whatever the era is, the E'll outlast 'em
like vrooom and ride right past 'em
Amazin, my conversation blazed 'em
I shot funk from here and in Japan it grazed 'em
A big dog, I take up space
I'm so cold, I rock 'til you're blue in the face
(shh) I rock hard, call me a rock star
Jimi or Jagger, I rock where the blocks are
I come through when my time is leisure
In the big black something with fifteen speakers
Screwface me? You ain't hard neither
Bump your head – just a thug with amnesia
Uh – God bless ya
My style is so fat, that's why I got high blood pressure

[Chorus:] – repeat 2X

[Outro:] (Erick say it) Yeah put your hands up
Just like "Music," feel the cut, uhh
(Erick say it) Doowhutyalike
Huh, rock like this all night
(Erick say it) To all my homegirls
Do you now – "go ahead baby"
(Erick say it) To all my homeboys
Get money, and keep it real, one

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