I don't care, Sermon, ayo, Talib Kweli
Come on, Whip, Def Squad, uh, yeah
Brooklyn, Long Island, uh-huh, Red Hook, what?
Hah, Chilltown, let's go, once again, back is the incredible

Yup, the rhyme animal, a different sample though
I change the flow so it go with the music
Yes, I'm doin' this for y'all amusement
This here's serious, look your reaction

Kid, you ain't never seen Dubs in action, no
A veteran, I flow like I'm young, what?
Yup, he sold more records but son sucked
Call me washed up, yeah, talk about me

I sound like me, you sound like Jay-Z
Duke, speak breezy, I come and touch you
Kid, I ain't never scared, homey, I bone crush you
Watch E do his thing

If this don't work, come back like boomerang
Testin', microphones are o-o-on, I'm g-g-gone
I don't care
(New York, stand up)

Yeah, I'm on the block, man, chillin'
I'm parked by the Rucker park, I'm just chillin'
Underground love my spot, I'm just chillin'
I'm in the big truck so
(I don't care)

Hah, yeah, I'm at the crib, man, chillin'
With Whip and my nigga Talib, we just chillin'
It's like that, you know how it is, we just chillin'
And I get the paper so
(I don't care)

Mc and ma, people call me Whip
I'm just chillin' all alone, no one to be with, man
I took long but I'm finally here
The most anticipated chick of the year, cheaugh

I came to flip and reverse game
Every dude that I touch get whipped like my first name
And although I'm prissy, don't get it confused
I don't need to mess with you, I've got plenty of dudes

Got the caramel skin, on the parallel twin
Heads keep turnin' like a carousel spins
I know for a fact, these women are sick
'Cause these hoes can't mess with this Dominican chick

Got the flag on my arm, it proves I am the bomb
All I do is speak Spanish and it works like a charm
I been ready, 'cause I payed my dues
Yo, this goes out to my Brooklyn crew

I don't care

You might catch me on the train, okay, I'm just, chillin'
I ain't too big for the game, I'm just chillin'
I got the whole Red Hook with me chillin'
Roll through if you want 'cause
(I don't care)

Yo, Def Squad got the girl and now I'm just chillin'
I'm on the block, real tough, just chillin'
Y'all non-rappin' chicks can keep chillin'
Talk if you want 'cause
(I don't care)

Ayo, E is chillin', Kwe is chillin'
Whip in the house, Brooklyn in the buildin'
Blood on the dance floor, sweat on the ceilin'
When you get that feelin' that gun concealin' is a hobby

Nobody stealin' shows like Kweli
Workin' on a new project while you chillin' in the lobby
Keep it thorough, ain't real, guns don't kill
People kill people but the Sun don't chill

But still, I stand cooler than a Minnesota winter
Nigga, hotter than the blocks where guns bust over dinners
Plus, all the sinners got dreams they runnin' after
Workin' a 9 to 5 now, is like you hustlin' backwards

That's why all these young girls in love with the rappers
Basketball players and up-and-comin' actors
Swimmin' with the sharks and flirtin' with disaster
When the things you own start ownin' you, they your master

I don't care

I got the yak in the back of the club, I'm just chillin'
With Whip and my nigga E Dub, we just chillin'
Nobody give a fuck about you, we chillin'
But I smack the shit out you, like
(I don't care)

So if you really wanna know how it is, I'm just chillin'
Like audio, tune milk and kids, we chillin'
Material things that we shit, I'm just chillin'
You brag about what you got but
(I don't care)

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