Well, weren’t you the prom queen in 2003? Now, you’re servin’ up
Whoppers down at Burger King? You swore you were gonna get out of this
Town. When ya got knocked up, I guess it knocked you down. Ain’t it
Funny how the tables can turn around?Every bridge you had you smoked ‘em
Down. Used to have your nose stuck up in the air, now you’re closer to
The size of my Frigidaire. It’s a long way to fall looking down on
Everyone else. How’d you end up on the bottom, when you used to be top
Shelf? Be careful who you’re calling white trash,
And yes I would like some fries with that. (Chorus 3: by the way, can you
Super Size that?) What the heck are you gonna do? Now that karma’s an
Even bigger bitch than you. I remember every mean word you said to me.
You made fun of my clothes, and my crooked teeth, but I got braces, and a
Business degree; And I’m dating the captain of the football team. CHORUS
Maybe I should learn to keep my big mouth shut, but your words, they left a
Pretty deep cut. CHORUS

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