If I was your job, would you wake up early each day?
If I was your boss, would you listen to a word I say?
If I was your buddies, would you wanna go out on the town?
If I was that bottle, would you crave the taste of me now?
But I'm just your woman, the one who lays beside you every night,
Just your woman, invisibly making everything alright.
The one who loves you more than you will ever understand.
I'm just your woman, if only you could be my man.

If I was your muscle car, would you check under my hood;
Take me out back and see if I'm running like I should?
If I was your tv, would you watch me all night long?
Tune in every second and ignore your telephone?

If I was a goodbye letter lying on your bed,
Would you even notice I had gone, would you have any regrets?

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