Is it wrong
To want
To be loved by someone as lovely as you

I saw her sittin' 'cross a smoky room
She appeared to be alone
She had a face that make the angels swoon
She had a figure make a dead man moan
I ordered one of what she was drinkin' and
Sent it over with a paper napkin
On the other side, I had written
Nothin' fancy, just a simple question


She asked the waiter where the drink had come from
He pointed over in my direction
She looked at me and she nodded thank you
And then he told her 'bout my inscription
She turned it over and read it slowly
It was subtle, but I think she smiled
Then she got up and started walkin' towards me
I tried to hide it as my heart went wild
When she said


She took me by the hand, led me out to the floor
Got real close and we started dancin'
I said, "I can't believe this, you're so amazing
And I didn't think I stood a chance and
Here we are romancin'

The bottle broke and it woke me from the daydream
I looked over there, she was gone
So I went over and I found that napkin
With the circle where she put her drink on
I fold it up and put it in my pocket
Paid the tab and I hit the pavement
Started hummin' as I walk along
I didn't get the girl, but I got this song


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