Sun comes into my room I jump out a bed
Go straight to the kitchen put some coffee on and toast some bread
Brand new morning, gotta get going,
Turn on the shower make it in before the water's flowing
Shave brush scrape flush rinse comb mints pluck
Gel squirt smell shirt pants socks shoes clock's
Tellin' me eight thirty-five, hey it's great to be alive
Pour the coffee, drink the juice, inhale the toast and turn me loose

On this great big world you just watch me go
I am super man catch me if you can
Mister great big world you have met your match
I will call your bluff you will see how tough I am

My footsteps on the sidewalk make a rhythm like a train
As I'm getting near the bus stop it pulls up to let the people in
I take a breath, my footsteps slow
I stop and smile wave good-bye, smack the side, watch it go
Cross the street to the deli, six-pack and a dozen jelly
Donuts and a lotto ticket say a prayer and let them pick it
Pay the tab, grab the bag, step out side take a drag
Marlboro hard pack everybody step back
It's a great big word and it's mine all mine
I will get things done I will make it shine
It's a great big world you have met your match
Watch the way I thrive as I kick it into overdrive

Then I remember today's episode of Jerry Springer
It's gonna be a doozie it's a floozy with a quadriplegic daughter
Who's a swinger
So I better not linger

I run back home and I put the groceries on the table
Turn on the tube, thousand channels of pirate cable
Strip down to my underwear, scratch myself, crack a beer
Sit back, have a laugh at all the stupid white trash
On the Jerry Springer show, dozen donuts in a row
Take my laptop to the john, boot up sign on
Check my email, spank my monkey
Check my email, spank my monkey
Smoke a doobie, smoke another
Spank my monkey, call my mother

'cause it's a great big world and I'm proud of me
For being just what I wanna be, wanna be
It's a great big world and it's mine all mine
And I'll be this way 'til the end of time, end of time
Great Big World

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