I've got to know baby
Why you do me wrong
Please, please tell me baby
Why you're doin' your
Ahh, honey
Your good man wrong
'Cause Lord knows you treat me like a fool
And that's been goin' on way too long

That's right baby

You lied once, you lied twice
Now you just don't seem to care about me baby
Ooh and that's cold as ice

I sure hope you're ready baby
Mmm, to pay the price, yeah
Don't you know you're playin' for keeps baby
When you playin' the game with liar's dice

It's just a matter of time
Before you see the tears of doubt
And your cheatin' and lyin' luck runs out

Ooh-ooh Lord, liar's dice
Ooowee is such a losin' game (yes it is)
'Cause when you're gamblin' with your baby's heart
That's such a low-down world of pain


You think you're so smart baby
But you ain't nothin' but a fool
To be smilin' all the while
That you rollin' them dice
'Cause the dice, they're
They're rollin' you
Please let me tell you baby
Ooh Lord, some, oh Lord, some good advice
Whoo, don't ever start breakin' hearts baby
Rollin' them no-good liar's dice

Uh, uh

Oh yeah

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