I'm leavin' this town baby
The time has come for me to be on my way
Please girl, now don't say nothin'
'Cause there's nothin' you can do to make me stay

I sure won't be comin' back here mama

It sure ain't worth my while to mention
That my pride won't let me stay
And I'm sure you don't have no sweet intentions
To lay four roses down some sweet day

Oh, I sure won't be comin' back here mama


Oh, look out

Love, it sure ain't the reason
Child, I'm feelin' so torn down
'Cause lovin with a wild heart
It's always the season to run around
But if it's up to me
Lord, if it were up to me
If it was all just up to me

I'd take those four roses off of your crown


Yeah, just keep on goin'

Oh, yeah

I sure can't wait now mama
Ooh-ooh Lord, 'til I'm dead and gone
'Cause my little girl, she's sure got somethin'
Ooh-ooh oh, that I'd like to own
You know what I'm talkin' about
I sure won't be comin' back here mama

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