It is good to pursue our dream
It is good to trust God
When things are working against us
Just like Joseph in the Bible
Despite the ups and down
The rejection frustration
Despite the selling
God saw him through
He will see through in Jesus name

I will fulfill my destiny in life
My dream will come true
No matter the trials of life
I will make it in Jesus name (x2)
Verse 1
Lord I stand on your word
All things work together for my good
No matter the suffering
Rejection and frustration
I will fulfill in Jesus name

Verse 2
It doesn’t matter what people think and say about me
All it matters what you say concerning me
Who Jah do bless no man can curse
My best is yet to come

Verse 3
Jehovah my helper
Help me to fulfill my dream
Just like Joseph
Help me to fulfill my dream just like Daniel
To stand strong in the times of trial

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