Dying Tears – Never Alive Lyrics

Dying Tears – Never Alive Lyrics

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Nothingness is my realm
Loneliness is my law
I've never had any dream
I've never had any soul

My Poisonous serenity
Has Blackened my poor Scenery
My reflect is a stone
And I am just no one

Birds will never sing for me
Silence is my one company
Nobody remember my name
My cold heart is a frozen flame

Merciless time has forgotten me

I can see nothing, I can't be
Light hates me, I never shine
I will never be alive

Don't look for me I am nowhere
Don't talk to me I don't care
I can't feel your sadness
Can't realize your distress

Your insane reality
Does really mean nothing for me
I don't have any fate
I have no regrets

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