Dying Fetus – Parasites Of Catastrophe Lyrics

Dying Fetus – Parasites Of Catastrophe Lyrics

Lives destroyed, the city in shambles, nothing could, prepare us for this
Torn apart, remains squattered about, misery, cruel, hardship, unending
Settling scores, conflicts erupts, violent exchange of small arms fire
Local disgrace, desperate gang war, disrespectful piece of shit

Arriving far too late, forecasts ignored, inadequate response
Stained patience, high tension, broken faith, aid unreliable
Dirty and decrepit, rising hate, criminal fantasies
Fulfilling base instinct, dejected, orgy of the sick

White trash nightmare repellent disgust, thoughtless rip-Off, parasites
Opportunist greed running rampant, selfish gain while their lives are
Excruciating sickness, foul and decrepit willful disregard
Thugs of all colors, revel in chaos, vulgar display of ruthlessness

Agency mismanagement, bureaucratic sinkhole
Nauseating expense, minuse, manipulation
Profit without conscience, disaster whets their appetite

Gross inflation of the contracts, common vile, pyramid scams

Machination, commerce of calamity, thievery, violated trust

[Solo Kimball]

Insult, robbing the poor, negligent, inherent dishonor

[Solo Gallagher]

Capital fraud compounds the tragedy, desperation that everyone's exploits
Escalating indignity and suffering, every level filled with red tape
Hollow greed reign of incompetence, responsibility disowned
Chasing in the wake of disasters, parasites of catastrophe

Fire upon the looters like the hateful rats they are
Riddance of the squatters who care nothing for rebuilding
Indict the ones exploiting us, convict the fucking criminals
Rising from the mire of ruin, reign in the chaos take control

Corruption and incompetence, always present human plague
Senseless inefficiency, millions pissed away
Institutional arrogance, territory war

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