Dying Fetus – Destroy The Opposition Lyrics

Dying Fetus – Destroy The Opposition Lyrics

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Who does the earth belong to?
The human termites spreading lies
The people have to make a decision
But they're too busy dying to realize

Who controls their future
And money flows above their heads
Just give them all a chance to make contact
And the last ones shall rise up to seek revenge

There was a time, when the weak would suffer
The ones in power would crush all who dissent
Just look around, because nothing's changed
No longer kings, they wear a suit and tie

Those who survive, have no conviction
Just follow trends, until they're born again
So who will live, and who will die?
It's up to us to carry on the fight

Rising up, from the ashes to the challenge
Face to face, it's not too late to start resisting
All around; we have a chance to change the world
Believe in us, tomorrow's dreams are fire in our blood

Bred to buy, not to think
Tell more lies, make them weak
Nothing's real, except the mindset you've created
To the left, avoid the path that they've been paving

Mainstream lies, unleashed through waves that mold behavior
We've had enough, their greedy fucking system's going down

Bred to buy, not to think
Tell more lies, make them weak

Without hesitation, I will kick the tv in
Sick of all these fuckers with their Prozac grins
Always selling shit, that no one wants or needs
Choking up the planet with their get rich schemes

A mediated world, what a sick reality
Wake the fuck up, smell the shit, then you will see
What's good for them isn't good for everyone
The future starts now, for a past yet to come

Just ask them one question and they'll tell you fifteen lies
They're Judas, Hitler, Stalin, and Brutus all combined
The world is false-constructed to satisfy their needs
If we keep obeying orders, we're like lambs to the slaughter for their feast

Handed down, the final call
Rise to fight, destroy them all

It's too late to accomodate
The game is lost, because no one is thinking
Born with a chance to facilitate the end of a time that's defined by hypocrisy
Just like rats they will multiply, and run with the pack without ever seeing
Out of the womb to be crucified, we challenge the doctrine they've been preaching

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