Deep in my heart was an ember of longin
Kept warm by the flame of the desire
A dream held in secret I yearned to hold openly
Fanned by my hope into fire
It burned to such heat I could touch it no more
So I put it away and then closed up the door
Forever extinguishing all that would keep it alive
But the dream never dies

The lord has done this for me
He has looked on me kindly
He has heard all my cries
He has given me back what I laid of his feet
It must be god
When the dream never dies

Isn’t it just like the lord to invite me
To put all my dreams in his hands
Forever releasing the grip that once held them
Forever surrending my plans
And then when he’s certain it’s not born of men
He calls for the fire to rikindle again
And he asks me to know in my heart
What’s not seen with my eyes
So the dreams never dies

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