Theme to Dream a Lot (I will live for love) By, Donna Summers

There’s got to be a way that I can dream
Simply close my eyes and see
The worlds I’ve never known
What places that my soul has been

Sometimes I need to run away and hide
I sail along so high
Till nothing’s in my sky
Except the stars that fill my eyes

[Chorus:] I’m searching for the one who holds the key
To all this crazy life I lead
Through galaxies in time
A solitary star that joins

Sometimes I need to close my eyes and breathe
Inhale what life has given me
A bastion to ignite
A flaming heart in flight
I close my eyes
I breathe
I’m free


I’ve always must have known
A lover of his own
‘Cause that is when he wrote
Everything I felt for love

And I will fight for love in life and in love
And I will hold the things above
I’m strong enough to slay the dragon that’s there
I will live for love

I’ve thought about this life
This dream will never die
So only know that I
I will live for love

Always must have known a lover of his own
That is when he wrote everything I felt for love
I will ever fight
I will live for life
I will live for love

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