[Hook:] Sometimes I think the whole world’s gone crazy
The shit I see, it don’t cease to amaze me
I get baffled everytime I try and suss it
And now I’ve had enough, so excuse me please, fuck it

[Verse 1:] Can somebody tell me what this world’s about
Can somebody tell me what this life’s about
I just can’t work it out
No sense, no logic, I can’t get a grip of it
I do my best to understand it but I’ve never got it
I watch the people slug it out and struggle in the system
But the end result’s the same whether a Muslim or a Christian
There’s so much hate in the world we’re fighting, what are we fighting for?
When the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting ignored

[Hook x2] [Verse 2:] I took it there and now it’s time to take it further
If a policeman kills somebody, is that policeman still a murderer?
He’s got a worthy cause, I guess that gives him some immunity
Or is he just another lost soul in our community?
To take a life’s a serious thing and only God can judge it
Would he look at it like it’s for the safety of the public?
And if you don’t wanna pay the price you really shouldn’t thug it
I know I am playing with fire but fuck it, I love it

[Hook x2]

Fuck it, ya get me?
I don’t give no…
Is it me?
It must just be me
You know, know what I mean?
There’s no point even going through it, man
It is the fuck what it is, I guess
You know what I mean?
Fuck it!

[Verse 3:] Who’s in charge of the stupid place?
I wanna punch his stupid face
Yeah, it ain’t right but it’s a shame
Gotta be someone I can blame
Someones gotta have answers, someone’s written a masterplan
Cause I can’t see no sign of God’s involvement, this has gotta be man
So much madness in the world
So much evil and confusion
But there’s so much good as well
So there’s got to be some solution
So that means there must be hope
Maybe room for revolution
So that means there must be hope
Maybe room for revolution

[Hook x2]

Fuck it, ya get me?
Shout to my people out there
Wonderin what it is really all about
I guess we’ll never know
Unless you really wanna know
Maths & English, stupid
Dirtee Stank, what!

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