[Intro:] Ohh… Oi it’s real out hear
Like noone undastands sometimes,
Like people can see what’s really going on, like people just going mad infront of me you get me
Everyones growing up 2 fast,
Friends don’t undastand us, adults don’t undastand us noone undastands us.
We just live 4 what we do like (it’s real)its raskit (Yo), shout to all the man dem (Yo)I’m reppin I’m trying listen (Yo).

Sumtimes I wakeup wishing I can sleep forever, I spend my whole life trying to pull myself together.
Trying to reinsure myself dat I ain’t going mad, I got come to a conclusing it’s now or never.
Sumtimes I wake up wishing I could sleep for years, I’ve been through anger pain, blood sweting tears.
You think dat anybody in my possien would be glad (yea you would), quite the oppasite more worrys more fears.
Sumtimes I wake up wishing I could sleep for days, its like I’m lost in love I’m only init coz it payz, I find myself back on
Road things are getting bad, more and more I’m going back to my own ways.
Sumtimes I wake up wishing I could sleep for good, and if I had the gutts to end it all belive I would.
Its getting boring always being missrable and sad, S**T I would love to be palite I really I could.
But lifes impressions always get me down, there’s not a lot to smile bout so I frown.
And I talk a big whole heap of badness, because my life is a big whole heap of madness.
I’ve seen a lot maybe more than I can take, under pressure everyday trying not to break.(ooohhhh)
But i’ll survive because it’s wot I do best(get me), I’m a challanger put me to the test.

[Chorus x2]

Sleep tight everything will be alright.
By the end of the will be the day, just pray dat you see it.
Strongly got to be it if you wanna get through it.
Strecth your mind to the limit you can do it.

Its almost like I got the world on my shoulders, sumtimes (Yo)i struggle,(Yo)sumtimes you know I’m hitting pretty crimes but
We living hard times.
Noone to turn and noone to talk to, lifes like a doorway everybody walk trough.
Everybody talkin but nobodys listening, everyday some new S**T weekout and week in.
All this negativity why you trying to get, all up in my life (Rahh) where did you get that energy.
I don’t feel well but you stil bother, you giving me a headache mang you mite aswell clobber me.
Blud lately I’ve been lonely but you only phone me, when you want a fava then you wonder why I’m moany.
Don’t really ask much so I don’t owe much, don’t recieve a lot of love so I don’t show much.
But the little that i’ll do I put it in a song for you, handle your bissuness because I do.

[Chorus x2]

Shout to all the younga’s, E3 do your thing but I swear to use school.
Get me you come out of it’s real out here.(raskits from bow E3, that dizzee rascal from bow E3.. Yo don’t worry). Shout to
Everybody still hustling (think I aint got you in mind)make it focus I swear to you, you can do anything (that dizzee
Rascal’s from bow E3)real.
(And you need to talk more)

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