You led the way for Me in My indecision
You lit the darkest night just to give Me vision
You are the One Who I could run to anytime
And many times You take My hand and You understand
When friends of Mine I cannot find

You’re My hero
How can I thank You for what You’ve done
I was zero
Now I feel like I’m number one

What made Me realize there’s nothing You can’t see
You looked at Me with eyes that saw what I could be
Somehow with You I’m able to do
What I couldn’t do on My own
You’re all I need to know that I’m freed
From all My fears of the unknown

There were mountains to climb and some of those times
My strength was fading fast
For Me You stood when nobody else would
You saved My future and Me from My past

Repeat Chorus

When I didn’t know which way to go
You showed Me in the right direction
You rescued Me from what I could not see
And You’re always there for My protection

Repeat Chorus

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