Time is gold and it only goes by in waves of strangers
Along the way sometimes strangers make your friends
Well, I'm gettin' old and my friends don't come around like they used to
We've stopped actin' like we've got somethin' to prove

My old friend Jake, yeah man, we made some noise in those barrooms
Who'd have thought he'd be the first one with a son
And I like to think that guy we all call McKinney
He was there at my worst and Lord knows he's helped me on
It's been a few years since I seen that Matthews boy
He's still livin' down in Houston, still never call him back when I phone
Every now and then I'll stop and I'll have a few with Vinny
You know we laugh about the old times, at least those we recall

It's always c'est la vi, try not to miss the forest for the trees], and now we're what we did not think we'd be
A little bit older, a little less wise
You get a little older and a lot less wise

Time is gold and it only goes by in waves of strangers

[Puts guitar down, Lights cigarette, exhales, get up and exits room closing door behind him]

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