Cheryl Wheeler – One Love Lyrics

Cheryl Wheeler – One Love Lyrics

Everywhere I turn everyone is lost in this thing
'Cause something feels gone
Life is nothing like we dreamed it might be
And we don't move forward, can't move back
We hold our hands out hoping for that

One love that's all of it
Deep nights and quiet days
Long lovers, old comforts
Feel like some ball and chain

I guess we're really gettin' old
Always worrying we're wasting our time
Wantin' somethin' new to hold
Some affair would be the perfect crime
Long roads crumble, forevers fall apart
One day we don't know why we're so far from

(Repeat Chorus)

And if I want you and you want me
We'll call it love though it might not be
Hearts on fire, souls in line
Oh, just to know that, just to feel that one more time

Seems impossible to know
What is real and what is just some restless thing
And our hearts learn slow all the miseries bad choices bring
So is it wise or lazy holding tight to what you've known
And is it brave or crazy searching for some. ..

(Repeat chorus)

Words and Music by: Cheryl Wheeler
Penrod And Higgins Music / Amachrist Music
Acf Music Group
International Coyright Reserved