Look at me now, I'm bleeding
The river runs red, no more dreaming
The dream is over, we lost the war
The sun is rising, the last time, nevermore

Remember these words: fragile is the life
Hold on to the truth, death is not the end
My pulse is getting slower, my hands are numb
I look at the sky, blinded by the sun


The Lake of Fire – the holy-land is in flames
Betrayed by liar – the whole nation face the end

The Lake of Fire – the soulless one's to blame
Betrayed by liar – for only fortune and fame

Betrayed by my brother, forsaken by my kin
Look at him now, torn apart by enemy within
The war is over, hatred grew stronger
Remember me now, as I am no longer


The last echoes of the dying hope
Carried by the wind, the end is closing in
No retreat, no surrender
Is there a reason for this fight?
Or are we pawns in a game
Like puppets on strings
Born without sins,
We are losing it all?

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