Back alleys and secret doorways
You always try to find
Passages to the other worlds
But you're missing all the warning signs

Countless days of fighting
The quest for the Holy Grail
But the mysteries of a man prevail,
You just leave blood on your trails


Haunted by the past
Memories will last
Through your life time

Revealing all the pain
Your mind's gone insane
But it's not an excuse for your acts


Black Star
Shining over you
Black Star
You are always twisting the truth
Black Star
Is shining over you
Black Star
But it's not an excuse for your acts

You'll never see a teardrop
Falling down my face
But before you tear my heart out
I hide in a secret place

[Pre-Chorus:] [Chorus:]

In the misty morning, just before the dawn
I hear it calling, calling me…
Out in the darkness, into the light
It's finally over the endless night

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