The chief of a tribe had a daughter so pretty who'd be sacrificed to a God
But a warrior fell in love for the pretty Indian and run away with her

[Chorus:] The God's revenge was very brutal
He turned her into a rock in the river
And the warrior in a tree on the edge of the abyss
Where he contemplates his love
In the bottom of the abyss it has a cave
Where this God guards the passionate lovers

When this God discovered about their escape
He twisted His body and became a huge snake
Diving wildly in the peaceful waters opening a hollow

[Chorus:] [Solo: Andreas Kisser] [Solo: Geraldo]

At the top of that pit
He contemplates his love and he can never touch her face again
The pretty Indian is always bathed in a veil of clear and fresh waters to alleviate her pain

Every spring he throws flowers in the waters of the river, river, river
As a proof of his love

He opened a hollow in the river
Creating the big waterfalls
Where the escaper fell from a huge height disappearing eternally


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