From my eyes are falling tears, cause I'm lost somewhere
I don't have my love to hold my hands
In my heart there's pain, cause I changed my fate
I wanted to live in a fairy tale and dream away…

[Bridge:] Flying high through the skies like eagles fly
I'm dying each night and I can't look in your eyes…

[Chorus:] It's time to find the love of my life
I lost her in the past but she remains in my mind
When I was child I used to dream of her in my arms
I don't lose my hope we'll stay together forever

Long time that I don't see you and many things changed
But my feelings are the same and I never lose my faith
Someday I will find you and together we'll stay
I look at the moon and the sun to remember your face

[Bridge:] [Chorus:] [Solo] [Bridge:] [Chorus:]

We'll stay together forever

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