Warriors arrive in their villages
Tired thirsty for staying in their homes
For warriors that never come back
Remain only the tears of their sons

Time to go to their homes
Their wives are crying all night

Time Time to live, live live free
Stop the war free your heart for freedom

[Chorus:] Blood and glory for the throne
For our sword we'll want to live in peace
Save the Queen, Save the King
Long Life for them
With our lives we'll defend
Forever the crown

While many fight for the riches
Others fight to protect the king
This story will never end
Whose will be this victory?

Our blood for our king
'Till the end of days, we'll protect him
Our our wives are praying all night
Looking at the window waiting for our return

[Chorus:] [Solo] [Chorus:]

The power of the crowns of the king and queen
Will bring the peace

The power of the crowns of the king and queen
Together we'll win

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